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Acast at The Podcast Show

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Acast is the home of podcasting. Whether you’re a podcaster or an advertiser, we have everything you need — just like any good home.

Podcasters: We have all the slick tools and features you need to build your podcast brand and listenership — and make money, too. Yep, we’ll help you turn your craft into cash. In fact, to date, we’ve paid out more than $150 million to podcasters just like you. We do it through advertising — which you can control — as well as paid-for membership options for your listeners.

We believe podcasters should be creative guardians of the content they produce, so we don’t interfere on what you should make. What we do really care about, though, is what’s known as “open podcasting”. If you want to connect with as many listeners as possible, then you need your show to be where they are — whether that’s on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music or, well, anywhere. We’re fully committed to that open ecosystem and, with Acast, you can get your show on — and make money across — every podcast listening app out there, at just the click of a button. 

Advertisers: Our curated, brand-safe, global podcast marketplace helps get your messages in front of immersed, engaged listeners the world over. Target niche audiences or find global scale through ads, host-read endorsements, and branded content (from short segments to full-blown series) — all dynamically matched to the podcasts that best fit your brand at the moment a listener hits ‘play’. That means your advertising never goes out of date, and always sounds new and relevant to listeners.


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Throughout The Podcast Show, Acast experts were on hand to offer advice and answer questions on anything and everything you could wish to know about podcasting. 

 Got a great podcast idea but aren’t sure how to make it a reality? Maybe you’re already on episode 50 but want to take your show to the next level? Or perhaps you represent a brand and like the sound of reaching millions of engaged podcast fans? Acast were there to help. 

And, in the Studio Theatre powered by Acast, we had four awesome events for you, featuring some of the biggest podcasters in the UK. From lessons on how to grow your podcast, to insight from true industry pros on forming harmonious relationships with brands and advertisers, there was  something for everyone.


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