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Using Podcasts To Build Up Britain’s Businessfolk With James O'Brien

24 May 2023
Brand Works
For a recent partnership, James O’Brien (Full Disclosure) brought the mental health message to the fore. His show featured long-form ads dedicated to supporting B2B listeners who may be facing poor mental health. Unlike a typical ad in other media, the format enables listeners to let their guard down over time. The result? A connection, not only with an advertiser, but with earnest, honest voices. Mental health is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business marketing landscape. As Britain’s business owners become more aware of their mental health, one approach means partnering with podcasts to empower the people behind Britain’s small businesses. In this session, James speaks to Global’s Head of Podcast Sales, Sarah Ray, for a frank chat about the cut-through podcasts have in business-to-business marketing. Discover: • Why the intimacy of podcasts lends itself to purpose marketing • How a message of mental health is heard in a brand-safe, considerate space • The magnetism of branded segments within the show • How B2B and B2C audiences respond
Sarah Ray, Head of Podcast Sales - Global
James O'Brien, Host - Full Disclosure
Natalie Cummins, CEO - Zenith UK
Dan Stewart, Head of B2B Marketing - Lloyds Banking Group
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