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24 May 2023
  1. Gallery Stage
    Exploring how social media videos have helped Sexted reach record audiences.
  2. Gallery Stage
    Audible is fortunate to work with some of the best comedic talent in the UK; from comedy royalty such as French & Saunders and Alan Partridge, multi British Podcast award winning, Kurupt FM, to our latest venture - working with Mo Gilligan to spotlight up and coming talent and new wave stars. Join Audible, our co-producers and talent from our top podcasts for this discussion.
  3. Gallery Stage
    Platform Media is revolutionising the way brands and organisations think about content. Experts in driving the marketing and commercialisation of podcasts through an innovative and proven content and distribution strategy, they unleash the full power of podcasts to drive increased brand awareness and engagement. In this session, Elma Smit leads a panel of podcast superstars and World Cup winners, including Mike Tindall MBE and Emily Scarratt, to discuss the transformation of The Good, the Bad & The Rugby and The Good, The Scaz & The Rugby into market-leading, three-dimensional brands.
  4. Gallery Stage
    Presenter, Nosheen Iqbal; Senior Audio Producer, Elizabeth Cassin; and Guardian Head of Audio, Nicole Jackson, reveal the secrets behind the success of the UK’s longest-running daily news podcast, Today in Focus, as it approaches its fifth birthday.
  5. Gallery Stage
    Nearly a decade after the release of Serial, true crime and investigative journalism remains the single most popular vertical in podcasting. Popular and controversial: Even as shows like Crime Junkie and Murder with my Husband draw millions of listeners around the globe, a reckoning is underway on the ethics and morality of the genre. Meanwhile, a number of journalists and hosts are pushing the form in new and interesting directions. What will the next ten years of podcasting look like in this space?
  6. Gallery Stage
    Launched in 2022, the Echoes of History feed hosts various history podcasts inspired by Assassin’s Creed games. Assassins Versus Templars is the result of a collaboration with Dan Snow and Matt Lewis from History Hit. Join Dan Snow (History Hit), Glenn Miller (CAA) and Etienne Bouvier (Ubisoft) for a discussion about this unprecedented collaboration at the crossroads of videogames and history.
  7. Gallery Stage
    Will Pearson, President of iHeartPodcasts, sits down with Jemma Sbeg, Host of The Psychology of Your 20s to discuss her rapidly growing show and the increasingly important role podcasting is playing in mental health.
  8. Gallery Stage
    In an interactive roundtable format, this session will shine a light on some of the most influential and exciting women in the industry. We’ll hear first hand insights into the podcasting industry and discuss how to build a successful career and business in the space.
  9. Gallery Stage
    In this session author and journalist Candice Brathwaite and actress and online personality Coco Sarel, will discuss why podcasts are the ideal space to bare all and lose your inhibitions with writer & host of the Guardian's Pop Culture, Chanté Joseph. They’ll also be discussing how they get their audience to 'fess up about the secrets they have so far, kept to themselves…
25 May 2023
  1. Gallery Stage
    Join Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI, as he provides an overview of podcast advertising in the UK, Germany, and Australia in the first months of 2023. Hear the data behind podcast advertising, including which advertisers are appearing most frequently, average ad load, and the number of ads on the podcast episodes that Magellan AI samples from around the world.
  2. Gallery Stage
    The audio sector is going through a digital revolution. This session will hear from advertising experts on how current and future innovation is changing the way advertisers can and should use audio. Exploring the digital ecosystem in audio advertising, with thoughts, tips and advice from across the ad industry.
  3. Gallery Stage
    The podcast world has opened up a direct line for audiences to connect with inspiring entrepreneurs. These stories of success, struggle and determination work together to rally listeners, motivating them to take their next step on the next rung of their life ladder. Just as importantly, business podcasts have become an essential tool for businesses themselves. The stories told by guests have exposed new listeners to ideas, building their profile in the marketplace. These podcasts forge tight-knit communities and brand loyalties with the power of conversation. Join entrepreneurs Spencer Matthews (Big Fish) and Holly Tucker MBE (Conversations of Inspiration) for a conversation about the power of podcasting for their audiences, their businesses and beyond. Discover: The motivational power of podcast storytelling for audiences The role community plays in pushing a podcast forward The route to take a podcast from the studio to the stage How podcasts have become a business must-have
  4. Gallery Stage
    Spandau Ballet founder and songwriter Gary Kemp and legendary Pink Floyd / David Gilmour bassist Guy Pratt host the Rockonteurs podcast. They will be sitting down with their series producer Ben Jones to talk about the inception of the show during Covid, producing the series while on tour, and why it’s become a go-to destination for fellow artists, and how they have created a hugely successful podcast all about music, without actually using any. Plus, there will be questions from the audience to Guy and Gary about their careers and evolution into this exciting new medium for them.
  5. Gallery Stage
    Capital FM Presenter Lauren Layfield speaks to Vogue Williams, her manager, Louisa and her My Therapist Ghosted Me Producer, Joe, about how she accidentally became a serial podcaster during lockdown and how she manages her 3 very different podcasts.
  6. Gallery Stage
    Join Acast and influential industry stakeholders from regions poised for growth, change, or disruption in a lively discussion on the boundless potential of podcasting worldwide. Discover how podcasting is breaking ground and creating opportunities in quickly growing markets across The Middle East, Europe and South East Asia.



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