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Why Audiences Respond To Comedy Podcasts - With Dan Schreiber, Luisa Zissman, Paul Chowdhry And Chris Lander

24 May 2023
The Studio Stage
What can a comedy podcast expect from its audiences and potential brand partners?  Dan Schreiber has just started a new podcast with Global: We Can Be Weirdos. He joins Global’s podcasting royalty Paul Chowdhry with his hilarious PudCast; and Luisa Zissman, who consistently reaches comedy heights with LuAnna – the podcast that’s regularly landing in the top 10 every week. It's clear that comedy podcasts can win the hearts of listeners. So how can a comedy podcast tap into its commercial potential with a sense of authenticity that draws in audiences?   In this panel discussion, Global’s Head of Comedy Podcasts Chris Lander dives into brand new research into audience attitudes to comedy podcasts (and advertisers). Together, we’ll explore the stats behind the listening phenomenon, the tools at a podcaster’s disposal to maximise their impact – and of course, sage advice from Paul, Dan and Lu along the way.  Discover:  Comedy podcast audience insights for podcasters and advertisers  Experience with the media amplification from Global  Making exclusive content with brands that feels authentic to listeners  Unlocking the full value of a media partner 
Chris Lander, Head of Comedy & Entertainment Podcasts - Global
Dan Schreiber, Host - No Such Thing As A Fish & We Can Be Weirdos
Luisa Zissman, Host - LuAnna
Paul Chowdhry, Host - The Paul Chowdhry Podcast
Imogen Hart, Senior Podcast Producer - Global
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