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How GFN Disrupted An Industry With Fan-Led Content

24 May 2023
Talking Podcasts ‘Creator 2’
Global Fan Network (GFN) is a worldwide media company and content provider, comprising multiple fan-led sports channels based in the UK. The company was born out of the success of AFTV (formerly Arsenal Fan TV), the first channel created by GFN’s Group CEO and Founder, Robbie Lyle, back in 2012. It has subsequently expanded to include DR Sports and On Track GP. In this session, Robbie Lyle explores his journey to becoming the largest fan-led, football channel in the world with over 5 million subscribers and over a billion views across all content. He looks at how GFN's business model has disrupted traditional broadcasting and how, by providing authentic and trusted content to fans at a fraction of the cost of the TV broadcast business, GFN provides a solution for both fans and brands, and continues to reach higher engagement levels than other broadcasters, across its 100M+ a month viewership. Podcasting is a key pillar of GFN's content offering, whilst they continue to include innovative ways for fans to be heard on their channels. The introduction of Fanzone is a case in point, where any fan in the world can connect live to the GFN studio and have their say in real-time. GFN continues to expand with more studios, more content, and more staff working around the world to deliver even more fan-driven content to audiences worldwide.
Robbie Lyle, Founder & CEO - Global Fan Network
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