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I Have An Idea... Now What?

24 May 2023
Talking Podcasts ‘Creator 1’
It may sound too simplistic to consider that all forms of content - from a feature length film, to an Instagram reel - start as mere ideas. Ideas scribbled down in a notebook, voice recorded in your phone’s archives or mused over drinks with friends are exactly where our podcasts, books, and films begin. At the London Podcast Show, Jade and Bernard will discuss the fun, creative process of getting ideas down - in whatever medium suits you best - and the “what next?” With some amazing things happening in the ever flourishing audio space, they discuss how you might take an abstract idea and transform it into a treatment for an entire audio experience. So, if you have an excellent idea for a podcast, come and find out what you can do next. Creatives Jade Benn (Merky Books, +44 Presents the Noughties Podcast) and Bernard P Achampong (Unedited) share the steps it takes to create an award-winning story, podcast and documentary… or maybe something else altogether! We look forward to you joining us for a fun and vibrant interactive session at this year's London Podcast Show!
Richie Brave, Writer, Presenter & Broadcaster - BBC Radio 1Xtra
Bernard P Achampong, Founder - Unedited
Jade LB, Author & Executive Producer - Keisha The Sket & +44 Presents The Noughties
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