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Should You Join A Podcast Network? Everything You Need To Know Before Signing Up

25 May 2023
Talking Podcasts ‘Creator 2’
Two years ago the Sport Social Podcast Network didn’t exist. Now, it’s Europe’s biggest sport podcast network with over 6 million monthly listeners and home to over 250 sport dedicated podcasts. The network is changing the game when it comes to how content creators get the value they deserve from their content and how brands and sports rights holders can engage with new audiences. Whilst the success of the network is undoubted, joining such a collective may not be for every content creator. This session takes an objective look at the pros (and cons) of signing up to a Podcast Network like Sport Social, what questions you should ask before taking the plunge and explores what the team have learnt about podcaster needs and how they can be better fulfilled by the current market offerings. There will be a short Q&A session where you can pick up practical advice from a team who have been on both sides of the network fence. You'll learn about... -What a podcast network can offer you as a podcaster. -How to make the most out of joining a network. -What questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line. -How do you find the right partner network for you? -How the future looks for podcasting and podcast networks?
Jim Salveson, Head of Sport - Voiceworks
Sophie Hind, Managing Director - Voiceworks
Corey Layton, Head of Digital Audio - ARN
Andrea Day, Director of Operations - Voiceworks
Martyn Lee, Head of Podcasts - Motorsport Network
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