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The Future of Podcast Advertising: From ad production to show discovery – can AI & new technology unblock industry growth and creator success?

22 May 2024
Ask The Experts

Podcasting is projected to grow from $24Bn in 2023 to over $100Bn in the next 6 years. Yet, many question its ability to compete in the scalable, data-rich digital advertising landscape: Can podcasting attract Fortune 500 advertisers as well as the small- and medium businesses so integral to a flourishing ad-revenue ecosystem? In this panel, we’ll explore what is holding podcast revenue back today and how the best minds in the industry are unblocking more advertising spend to creators. How can podcasting compete with big tech ad-platforms? Is there such thing as revenue abundance and 100% sell-through rates in podcasting? How can AI and new technologies drive positive change for creators? Can host-reads scale? Join our panel of podcast experts for a riveting discussion about the future of podcast revenue, moderated by Oskar Serrander, co-founder Wondercraft, ex-COO of Acast, iHeart & Spotify.

5 areas we will uncover in this session:

- How to overcome the challenges holding podcasting back today

- How podcasters can make more money today and tomorrow

- Who the real podcast competitors are

- The future of the podcast ad unit and ad inventory

- Ways AI and new technologies can drive the industry forward

Oskar Serrander, Co-Founder & CEO - Wondercraft
Kym Treasure, CEO & Founder - Audacia Audio
Greg Glenday, Chief Business Officer - Acast
Tony Simmons, CEO and Founder - Sonnant
Bryan Barletta, Founder and Partner - Sounds Profitable

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