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Everyone Has a Story, but You Need a Storyteller to Bring It to Life

23 May 2024
BBC Sounds Stage
When Frank Gillard set up Local Radio in 1967 he said that he wanted to create the running serial of local life, in all its forms. These days modern story tellers are turning to digital platforms to tell their story, as while they may be rooted in place they have an appeal that goes beyond county or country boundary and can lead to some of the most amazing audio journeys. In this session we will hear about the work of story tellers from across the Nations. We hear from the makers of Missing Madonna, which tells the story of a da Vinci painting being stolen from a Scottish Castle in a daring heist – the narrator was especially close to the story and was determined that no one else should be allowed to tell it. In Assume Nothing the production team examine eight real life murders and asks whether recognising a pattern of behaviour could save lives. While in Crossbow Killer, we hear how the brutal and baffling murder of a retired lecturer in the lonely Welsh countryside the impact the community. Plus we hear from the team and host of the award winning podcast Seven hosted by Rob Burrow, and how they made his dream come true. 
Aminata Kamara, Presenter & Hairstylist - BBC
Jack Kibble-White, Development executive - BBC Scotland
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