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BBC Sounds Acquisitions: A Case Study with Noiser Podcasts

22 May 2024
BBC Sounds Stage
Join us for a session at the Podcast Festival, where we'll provide a comprehensive overview of the BBC Sounds Acquisitions program in its second year, featuring key stakeholders Lauren Bradley, Senior Editorial Manager - Acquisitions at BBC Sounds, and Pascal Hughes, CEO at Noiser Podcasts.

Noiser joined the Acquisitions slate last year, and have since launched four of their podcasts onto BBC Sounds to great success, amassing over 5 million listens on the platfom. Titles include Real Dictators, Real Survival Stories, Short History Of.., and new from Noiser, The Curious History of Your Home.

This session will offer attendees an opportunity to delve into the partnership between BBC Sounds and Noiser Podcasts. Gain valuable insights into the process of joining the BBC Sounds Acquisitions slate, including their discovery of the programme at last year's Podcast Show. We’ll discuss Noiser's success on BBC Sounds, to help attendees gain an understanding of what makes an independent podcast work on the platform, and what it requires of the podcaster.

Looking ahead to next year, we’ll discuss the future outlook of BBC Sounds Acquisitions, with insights into future content strategies and programme expansions. Additionally, they will gain a glimpse into the upcoming slate of Noiser podcasts.
Lauren Bradley, Senior Editorial Manager, Acquisitions - BBC Sounds
Pascal Hughes, CEO - Noiser
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