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Pod Only Knows: How are podcasts unlocking huge potential for popstars?

22 May 2024
BBC Sounds Stage
At Podcast Festival 2024, the session "Pod Only Knows: How Podcasts are Unlocking Huge Potential for Popstars" will delve into the transformative role of podcasts in artist promotion. Suzy Walby, Director of Media and Content Partnerships at EMI, will share insights from her experience, including a groundbreaking podcast with Lewis Capaldi that demonstrated the medium's impact. Bee Thomas, Head of Publicity at Columbia, will discuss the shift from traditional media to podcasts, emphasizing the creation of authentic connections and fan communities. Alice Williams, producer of Table Manners, will highlight the relaxed, genuine conversations that podcasts facilitate, providing a unique space for artists.
The panel will explore what makes podcasts appealing compared to TV or live radio, focusing on their potential for deeper engagement, longer shelf life, and viral marketing. They will also discuss how they select the right podcasts for artists, the measurable impact of podcast appearances on streaming numbers, and the future potential of podcasts as a primary promotional tool. Challenges such as industry awareness and metrics for success will be addressed, offering a comprehensive look at the evolving landscape of artist promotion through podcasts. Join us to uncover the powerful synergy between podcasts and popstars.
Will Wilkin, Commissioning Executive - BBC Sounds
Suzy Walby, Head of Content - EMI Records
Bee Thomas, Head of Publicity - Columbia Records
Alice Williams, Producer - Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware
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