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Transforming Latest News on BBC Sounds

23 May 2024
BBC Sounds Stage

How might the next generation of news audio look and sound? BBC Sounds has been trying to answer that question, and in the process transforming the way it delivers news podcasts and short-form audio to its users. The platform now offers a curated playlist of the latest audio news, updated around-the-clock, allowing users to stay up to date with the headlines, and dive deeper into the trends driving the day’s events.

The Latest News Playlist brings together short-form explainers, powerful interviews, Sounds’ biggest news podcast brands, and other highlights from across BBC output in one place. A dedicated team of journalists in the BBC’s audio newsroom curate, produce and present the playlist’s content, to tempt news averse audiences to engage with stories through versatile and accessible formats. This session will hear from the journalists creating content for the playlist every day, and the team working to drive innovation in news audio on Sounds. We’ll hear how the journalists build on the strength and expertise of Europe’s biggest newsroom, use powerful images and engaging headlines to grab users’ attention, and harness the power of short-form content to increase engagement and loyalty with harder-to-reach news audiences.

Nicky Birch, Editor, New Formats and Innovation - BBC Sounds
Laura Barrow, Editor, Digital Audio News - BBC Sounds
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