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Key to Unlocking Programmatic’s Full Potential? Creativity and Effective Targeting

22 May 2024
Brand Works Stage
Programmatic has proven an effective channel for scaling audio advertising efforts – the number of new advertisers has increased by more than 50% over the past few years. Programmatic has made it easier than ever to identify how to reach audiences amidst all the noise, all while easing the burden on publishers. However, the key to maximizing those efforts to see a continued increase and return on investment depends on creativity – from the ad creative tailored for podcasts to the strategies deployed to reach those audiences. There are endless targeting options in programmatic so buyers need to understand what’s available to them and how to creatively leverage the tools – such as host read ads, dynamic ad insertion and more – at their disposal. This panel will feature valuable creative and strategic insights from Francesco Corsi, Business Development Manager at Spreaker and Mattia Verzella, Head of Business Development at Spreaker. They’ll dive into the best practices for creative work in audio advertising, useful programmatic targeting options available to buyers, and explore the future of creativity in audio advertising.
Mattia Verzella, Head of Business Development - Spreaker
Frank Corsi, Business Development Manager - Spreaker
Rob Timony, Head of audioXi - Bauer Media Audio Ireland
Ester Mason, Commercial Director - Audio Plus
Lance Paterson, Vice President, Research - Audioboom

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