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14 Dec 2023

CallMe-RC IP Codec Upgrade for RØDECaster Pro II & Duo

Vortex Stand: J1
CallMe-RC IP Codec Upgrade for RØDECaster Pro II & Duo
CallMe-RC IP Audio Add-on for Rodecaster PRO II and DUO

CallMe Codec capability is now available as a simple upgrade for RØDECaster Pro II and Duo Audio Mixers providing fully-integrated IP audio connectivity without the need for any modification or external interface. The enhancement provides a cost-effective one-box solution for Outside Broadcast, Podcasting and Web Streaming with Cabled, Wi-Fi and Mobile internet connectivity. It has the same straightforward operation as the CallMe-T hardware codec, providing 20kHz low-delay Opus Audio, compatible with most manufacturers’ codecs that support the same standards.

Cost-effective off-the-shelf battery packs are available to provide 7-hour stand-alone operation.

FOR OUTSIDE BROADCAST – connect your upgraded RØDECaster to a cabled, Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection, touch one of the on-screen quick-dial buttons (or enter the remote destination details using the on-screen keyboard) and connect live to your SIP-compatible Opus Studio Codec for low-delay 2-channel 20kHz Broadcast Audio.  The upgrade also supports G.722 and G.711 audio encoding.

FOR PODCASTING – send a CallMe link to your Guest Contributor who needs only a web browser on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. They simply Click on the CallMe button to connect Live to your upgraded RØDECaster with 20kHz broadcast-quality audio.

FOR LIVE STREAMING – (coming soon) your upgraded RØDECaster supports Shoutcast / Icecast to connect to your web streaming service. Simply touch a pre-configured quick-dial button (or enter the remote URL) to connect live to your Internet Radio streaming provider.

TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF – head to our website to see how easy it is to install the add-on - and how to get the CallMe Update Tool.

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