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25 Mar 2024

New AI Voice Links

Broadcast Radio Stand: G26
New AI Voice Links
AI Voice Links
Broadcast Radio Ltd. Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Voice Links in Latest Myriad 6 Playout Update

Broadcast Radio Ltd. is thrilled to announce the launch of AI Voice Links, a groundbreaking feature introduced in the latest update to Myriad 6 Playout. This innovative addition empowers radio stations to effortlessly generate dynamic content based on predefined 'goals' for each link, seamlessly incorporating 'live' elements like song and artist information, news, weather, and more. Stations can leverage the built-in AI Voice Link generation technology or enhance link scripts further by tapping into third-party 'large language' model services such as ChatGPT. Voice generation is streamlined through the automatic handling of the built-in solution or integration with third-party AI voice generation services like Azure AI Voices and ElevenLabs.

AI Voice Links prove invaluable for enriching broadcasts by introducing a 'second voice' to programming elements such as news, time checks, and weather. Stations can also craft situationally aware AI Voice Links for automated shows that directly reference scheduled and played content, creating a more engaging experience for listeners.

Advanced options include the seamless blending of pre-written scripts with 'live' information and log-aware content featuring multiple voices, emulating the traditional 'now over to the news center for the latest headlines and weather' type of link.

Scheduled AI Voice Links can be assigned 'content goals,' injecting variety even when the schedule is generated from the same Clock! This feature is included in most Myriad 6 Playout licenses as standard and can be further enhanced with third-party voice and script subscriptions.

"We are eager to witness the creative possibilities that stations will explore with this remarkable new toolset for broadcasters," expressed Liam Burke, Commercial Director at Broadcast Radio Ltd.

For more information about AI Voice Links and the latest Myriad 6 Playout update, please visit

To view a brief video featuring AI Voice Links in action visit -

About Broadcast Radio Ltd.: Broadcast Radio Ltd. has been a leading provider of professional broadcasting software and services for over 25 years. Their flagship software, Myriad Playout, is trusted by radio stations of all sizes worldwide.

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