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01 Apr 2024

Vid2Pod - Transform YouTube Playlists Into Audio Podcasts

Blubrry Stand: H2

Video-first creators can now take any of their YouTube playlists and automatically create an audio podcast with no overhead, making their YouTube content available to podcast audiences via traditional podcast apps and platforms. It's as simple as purchasing a Blubrry podcast hosting plan and linking their YouTube playlist; we take care of the rest. We import and convert the video to high-quality audio; we pull in your episode titles and metadata to include chapters. Post a new video, and within minutes of release we automatically publish a new podcast episode that will be distributed to Apple Podcast, Spotify, and a dozen or more podcast platforms via RSS feed. This is a significantly easier way to monetize your content; there is no requirement to wait until you have gained 4,000 listener hours. Blubrry offers programmatic advertising that can be implemented on day one.

The launch of Vid2Pod (March 2024) marks a pivotal moment for video-first creators who may only have a YouTube channel.

In addition to allowing them to promote their content on all platforms, the open nature of podcasting eases the concern of content being removed or taken off any platform, let alone a single platform that you rely on to reach your entire audience.

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