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Change Here for the TfL Podcast Line: How One of the World's Most Recognised Brands Made a Hit Podcast

22 May 2024
Talking Podcasts Business
Industry , Brand
Transport for London and 18Sixty want to welcome you on board a brand new line, The Podcast line, only running at The Podcast Show 2024. In 2023 TfL, with the help of branded podcast agency 18Sixty, launched the official TfL podcast, Mind The Gap. But how does one of the top 10 most recognised brands in the world go about making a hit podcast? Find out by tapping-in to this must-watch session. Whether you get a seat or it’s standing room only, join Adrian Hieatt, Head of Audio at TfL, Gareth Evans, founder and CEO of 18Sixty, and Marnie Woodmeade, Mind The Gap producer as they journey through the 5 stops of the Podcast Line. From the importance of design and style, to how to find the best stories guests, to the tricks to getting everyone in your brand to jump onboard with your podcast vision - we’ll be covering it all. There may even be a special message from one of the most famous tube fanatics in the UK.
Gareth Evans, CEO - 18Sixty
Adrian Hieatt, Manager of Creative Visual and Audio Production - Transport for London
Marnie Woodmeade, Producer - 18Sixty
Presented By: 18SIXTY/TfL
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