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It’s Not Over! How to Make Podcasting a Sustainable Business (and Why the Reports of the Death of the Podcast Industry Have Been Greatly Exaggerated)

23 May 2024
Talking Podcasts Business
Over the last year, headlines and analysts have declared the end of podcasting as we know it, but listenership and advertiser interest are steadily growing, and if you play your financial cards right, there is money to be made and plenty of signs of a healthy industry ahead. Jenna Weiss-Berman, EVP, Podcasts, Audacy, has overseen the development of some of the most highly acclaimed and successful shows of the year, including PJ Vogt’s Search Engine, Amy Poehler’s Say More with Dr? Sheila, Wondery’s Ghost Story, and HBO’s Succession podcast. PJ Vogt has developed, launched, and hosted a slew of successful and engaging shows including Search Engine, Crypto Island, Reply All and TLDR. Ben Riskin has built the advisory Room Tone, advising enterprise audio firms on their business development and strategy, and negotiating some of the most notable deals in podcasting. On this panel, they will explore what it takes to make podcasting a sustainable business, from content to sales to IP monetization and beyond.
Jenna Weiss-Berman, Co-Founder, Pineapple Street Studios & Executive Vice President, Podcasts, Audacy
Ben Riskin, Principal - Room Tone
PJ Vogt, Co-Creator & Host - Search Engine
Presented By: AUDACY
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