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Turning Your Passion Into Podcasting

23 May 2024
Talking Podcasts Creator
A one to one convHow do you make content about something you are passionate about into an
engaging and unmissable piece of work? Can you make your interest be of value to others and have them coming back for more?

Award winning content creator Seani B has turned his passion for Caribbean music, and creating bespoke and different content about it into his life’s work.

With over 180 million visual views, and over 5 million audio streams, he will go through his audio journey over the last thirty years, outlining how he has skilfully adapted his approach – from linear FM broadcasts to digital to podcasts and visuals.

Hear about the challenges, the competitors, the technological advancements, and the tips on how to never stray from your passion on a subject.

As a multiple award winner in the arena of audio (Seani has won various accolades such as The Broadcasters Press Guild, The Sonys and A Grammy), he has a wealth of experience and will be answering questions to help you get your podcast to where you want it to be.ersation with award winning broadcaster and content specialist Seani B about how he transformed his passion and belief in it into a sustainable model.
Jerelle Forbes, Producer - The Playmaker Group
Seani B, Broadcaster & Founder - Big League Productions & Record Label
Presented By: THE PMG
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