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The BBC presents the inaugural  BBC Sounds Stage, featuring valuable audio insights across a programme of sessions, and a place to network and connect with the BBC Sounds team.

24 May 2023
  1. BBC Sounds Stage
    Join Lauren Bradley, Editorial Manager for Acquisitions at BBC Sounds, as she sits down with podcaster Caroline Crampton to discuss her experience bringing her podcast Shedunnit to the BBC Sounds platform for the first time. Shedunnit is a storytelling podcast that unravels the mysteries behind classic detective stories, and has gained a loyal following since its launch both on and off BBC Sounds. In this session, Caroline will share her insights on the process of bringing an independent podcast to a large platform like BBC Sounds, the benefits of the partnership, and the challenges that she faced along the way. Lauren and Caroline will also discuss the importance of supporting independent voices in podcasting, and how initiatives like the BBC's acquisition programme can help to amplify diverse perspectives and stories. Don't miss this engaging conversation about the evolving landscape of podcasting and the exciting opportunities for independent creators to share their work with wider audiences.
  2. BBC Sounds Stage
    Comedy and entertainment formats are the UK’s most popular podcast genres. BBC Sounds & 5 Live podcast commissioning team and BBC Audio production’s creative director discuss what they look for in a successful entertainment series.
  3. BBC Sounds Stage
    The BBC’s hit podcast, 13 Minutes to the Moon, is back! It enthralled listeners around the world with the stories of the first Moon landing and Apollo 13. Now, the multi-award-winning show is returning with season 3. Nasa astronaut Kay Hire will be telling the story of the Space Shuttle. Kay became the 34th woman to fly in space when she flew as a mission specialist aboard Space Shuttle Columbia. She returned to space aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour. She was also a Space Shuttle engineer. Kay has been there, done that and worn the space suit; now, she’s telling the full story. Kay will be in conversation with BBC World Service and BBC Sounds Podcast Commissioning Editor, Jon Manel.
  4. BBC Sounds Stage
    True crime is more popular – and more upmarket - than ever.     The genre used to be dominated by low budget cable TV documentaries about convicted serial killers.  But podcasting has changed that.  From solving cold cases to uncovering miscarriages of justice, true crime attracts big budgets, top writers and serious investigative journalists.  In 2021, BBC Studios, a commercial subsidiary of the BBC, set up a podcast unit to make premium narrative content for BBC and commercial platforms.  Two years on, for BBC Sounds/BBC Podcasts the unit has produced the New York Festivals award winning Obscene: The Dublin Scandal; new revelations about the unsolved murder of schoolboy Vishal; and Jamie Bartlett’s latest serial Believe in Magic.  All combine in depth investigative journalism with high production values and gripping storytelling.  Some of BBC Studios' true crime top talents share their sleuthing tips and tell us why the genre is as addictive to work in as it is to listen to.
  5. BBC Sounds Stage
    In A Very British Cult journalist Catrin Nye investigates the life coaching company that takes over your life. Meet the makers and stars of hit BBC podcast A Very British Cult. Presenter Catrin. Nye, writer Jamie Bartlett and leading man Jeff Leigh-Jones talk about what it’s like to make a podcast about a cult and the aftermath of the production that spent 2 weeks at the top of the Apple podcast charts.
25 May 2023
  1. BBC Sounds Stage
    How do you make BBC Sounds the easiest to use audio app? The BBC Sounds Product team discuss meeting key user needs and showcase key features.
  2. BBC Sounds Stage
    Find out from commissioner Stevie Middleton and three leading podcast makers how a successful sport-based podcast is commissioned, produced and marketed.
  3. BBC Sounds Stage
    When everyone can be a creator, how do you find the next big thing? Helen O’Donnell from BBC Studios TalentWorks and Richard Morris / Pete Strauss / Ella Woods from BBC Studios Audio Comedy discuss how they spot emerging talent, and what makes a person or narrative truly distinctive. They discuss the process from discovery, to developing ideas, and how they work to get commissioners on board. They’ll also talk about how they work across the business to promote the development of ideas from audio to TV and beyond. BBC Studios Audio Comedy produces podcast titles like Pressed, Acid Dream and Bang On It for BBC Sounds and other podcast platforms as well as being the largest producer of comedy and entertainment shows for BBC Radio 4.
  4. BBC Sounds Stage
    Have you got the next podcast idea everyone needs to hear? It’s the six-million-dollar question we wanted to answer in the call out for BBC Sounds Audio Lab - a new immersive creator programme for emerging UK podcasters and audio creatives. But how do you turn a good idea into a great multi-episode series when you haven’t done it before? Why are you the best person to make it and how will you convince hundreds and thousands of people to download yours when there’s already so many to choose from? Step forward Tommy Dixon and Talia Randall, 2 of the 6 inaugural Audio Lab creators who convinced Khaliq Meer they had the answers, winning themselves funding and support to transform their visions into critically acclaimed audio stories. Making it… explores what made Talia’s ‘Blossom Trees and Burnt-Out Cars’ stand out and how Tommy’s ‘Colouring in Britain’ pipped hundreds of others to win the coveted Aria Gold Award for Best New Podcast 2023!



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