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Hear from those at the forefront of technology and developments in the podcasting space in these hourly sessions, and gain valuable insights and understanding from those brands who are pushing the boundaries.

24 May 2023
  1. Ask The Experts
    The podcast advertising space is changing…..CPMs are reducing as more advertisers flood the market. But this creates an interesting dilemma….as the podcast market has accelerated, the experience for the listener has evolved.
  2. Ask The Experts
    Artificial Intelligence is fast transforming many industries, so what does it mean for podcasting and how can AI be leveraged to grow your show?
  3. Ask The Experts
    What's the history behind this recent trend and where does it fit in podcasting? Is it a knee-jerk reaction to the fall of third-party data solutions and privacy, or is it a successful mindset that's improved other industries that have used it (Radio, Streaming Audio, Video, VIDEO GAMES, etc)? Learn how you can make sure your podcasts are the best set to take advantage of contextualization. The panel will feature experts from the audio industry such as Paul Cranwell, VP of Strategic Partnership, AdTonos, Rebecca Dalby, Head of Marketing at Spreaker from iHeart, Sharon Taylor, SVP Podcast Strategy & Product Operations at Triton Digital, and moderated by Bryan Barletta, Founder of Sounds Profitable.
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  4. Ask The Experts
    In this interactive Q&A session, editaudio founder and CEO Steph Colbourn, Burnt Roti founder Sharan Dhaliwal, and host of TwoTwos Podcast Ro Frimpong discuss the benefits that come from investing in community. As creators of mission-based media, Steph, Sharan, Ro are experts at building lasting relationships among the LGBTQ+ community and working with companies to invest DEI budgets in a meaningful way. They’ll present data and case-studies that prove how corporations can benefit from partnering with community focused media to achieve their goals and impact the future of the industry at large. The session will explore: The importance of building sustainabile community and making space for queer voices in media Data to show how underrepresented creators are showing up (or not) in the industry Tangible ways large publishers and corporations can put their money where their messaging is in supporting underrepresented voices
  5. Ask The Experts
    Are you starting your own podcast or looking for some audio tips to make your recordings sound extraordinary?
  6. Ask The Experts
    Today, when advertisers buy ads across podcast networks, they have limited capacity to enforce their preferences & standards for placements. Brand safety and suitability in podcasting are extremely complex because of the scale of the inventory (literally millions of active podcasts with new episodes released daily), and because of the need to consider both the context of the content and alignment with the host. Tamara Zubatiy, and Founder and CEO of Barometer, will discuss the intricacies of podcast advertising and the path for the emerging channel to reach the maturity of CTV or display. Attendees will learn: The failures of censorious keywords-based approaches (ie: defunding news) and the opportunity for contextual solutions. The challenges of uniting a fragmented content ecosystem through transparency The reality of advertisers' nuanced preferences The impact of hosts on brand suitability in the age of the omnichannel creator economy.
  7. Ask The Experts
    Join us for an in-depth look at the ways you can monetise our content, including case studies. From DAI, programmatic, automated host-reads, to motion and voice activated ads, there are many options. Today’s advertising tech can amplify the way you engage with listeners, enhance their ad experience and help you grow your business without sacrificing what’s important to you.
25 May 2023
  1. Ask The Experts
    As the biggest spender in podcast advertising and the biggest independent podcast network, BetterHelp and Acast have pretty unrivaled insight into all aspects of the industry, globally. Join Brittany and Ross as they explore current and future trends in both the creation and consumption of podcasts and the opportunities for advertising, and pass the mic to you to ask them….anything.
  2. Ask The Experts
    In this talk about enhancing podcast audio quality using AI tools, you'll learn various ways to improve your podcast audio using artificial intelligence technology.
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  3. Ask The Experts
    Contextual advertising is a powerful tool for buyers who want to reach their target audience in the most engaging way. In this panel, we will explore how contextual works and how to avoid inappropriate placements, how to use modelling to apply data points to shows based on their context, and how to leverage branding opportunities in podcasting. The panel will feature experts from the audio industry experts Paul Cranwell, VP of Strategic Partnership at Adtonos, Roger Cutsforth Co-Founder at audioadpro, Matt Hopper Co-founder and Creative Director at Trisonic and Bryan Barletta, Founder of Sounds Profitable as the moderator.
  4. Ask The Experts
    Whether you’re new to podcast monetisation or already starting to experiment with running ads, this interactive session offers a deep dive into how creators and podcast publishers can diversify their monetisation efforts and take their commercial strategy to the next level with Spotify’s suite of tools.
  5. Ask The Experts
    Our expert Jack Drury will take you through how to create the ideal set up and give professional tips on how to capture your voice for perfect recordings every time. Come join us!
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  6. Ask The Experts
    Businesses and brands are shifting towards delivering their messages direct to consumers. In the podcast space, this is seeing a trend of more businesses moving into the private podcast space. This allows communities to build and interact directly with the audience.
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